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Kim Sears Crowned New Queen of the WAGs at Wimbledon

Wimbledon winner Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears ushers in a new era of WAG-style. Think more Kate Middleton, less Cheryl Cole.

Sure, everyone was really excited about Andy Murray finally winning Wimbledon, the first Brit male to win on home turf in over 70 years. But Murray's win also thrust his gorgeous girlfriend, the stylish Kim Sears, into the spotlight as well.

The British press is hailing Sears as the new Queen WAG, and we're on board with that. Her style could usher in a new era of WAG fashion; think more Kate Middleton than Cheryl Cole.

Sears spent the whole of Wimbledon looking clean and polished. She mixed up her labels a la the Duchess of Cambridge, choosing a Zara dress one day and a Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress for the finals--which, in true K Midd style, have both already sold out.

In another classic Kate Middleton move, Sears wore the same pair of wedges, which the Telegraph reports are from Aldo--and also, a year old.

While she sported a pricey Mulberry Willow bag--currently retailing at $2600--she brought it to the courts every single day. Plus, while not exactly a high street brand, Mulberry is not as splashy or label-heavy as the bags preferred by her WAG compatriots. And her jewelry? Suburban mall-favorite brand Pandora.

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Then there's the hair--no ice-blonde highlights, bad extensions or a high-maintenance chop in sight. Just a clean, classic blowout. She's still sporting a tan--but not quite the tan of the WAGs who came before her.

Sears is definitely one to watch--especially since UK betting firm Coral had the odds at 66/1 that Murray would propose to her on Sunday. It may not have happened for her on the court, but when/if it does, we're betting her wedding will be more Royal than...well...whatever this was.

Check out Sears's best looks from Wimbledon:

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