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Meet Your New Breast Friend, the Longline Bra

It's all about the long line bra. What it is and where to get 'em, right this way...
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I got my first longline bra at Topshop back when I was living in Dublin, purchased with the full intention of being worn as a stand-alone top (never mind the fact that I'm a double-D). It was black and lacy and ugh just so gorgeous and sassafras, with a major Monica Bellucci vibe. One time the strap got absolutely jammed inside the zipper of a carry-on suitcase and I nearly cried trying to decide whether to salvage the suitcase or the bra (I ended up saving both. Phewf!).

But lately, it seems that whole zipper drama may have been in vain--longline bras are everywhere! And with so many to choose from, they're more glorious than ever. Bonus? They pretty much eradicate any worries of those dreaded back rolls you may have. So we've taken the liberty of rounding up the best of the bras--no European residency required. Your new breast friend awaits, just after the jump...

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