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Nora's Fool-Proof Teasing Brush

I used to be terrified of teasing my hair. Then I found this brush.
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I used to be terrified of teasing my hair. Everyone (ok, mostly my mother) was always telling me how bad it was for my strands--and I reluctantly surrendered to the notion that I would never be able to achieve that perfect hair bump like Jennifer Love Hewitt's in the 2001 classic Heartbreakers. It was a sad time in my life.

But then one day I was all, you know what? F--k the naysayers! (Not you, Mum, I love you!) I'll have Jennifer Love Hewitt hair if I wanna! YOLO!!! So I went to the beauty supply store and bought this little teasing brush. It's way more effective than a comb on my #THICKE hair, making teasing a breeze. Plus it's tiny enough to carry in my bag for bathroom bump touch-ups on the go.

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