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One Direction Fans Wage Twitter War Against GQ Magazine

Watch out #Swifties: #Directioners are coming to snatch your title of "Fandom Most Likely to Rabidly Attack on Twitter."
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Watch out #Swifties: #Directioners are coming to snatch your title of "Fandom Most Likely to Rabidly Attack on Twitter."

Yesterday, British GQ announced that each member of One Direction would score his own cover of the September issue. You would think their fans would be excited to see their idols looking like scruffed-up #menswear hotties--but you would be wrong. You see, fans took offense to the quotes used to tease the feature story. So they did what any irrational teen-based fandom would do: They took to Twitter to hurl threats--lots of inanimate objects "up the butthole"--at the magazine.

The only problem? They were sending their Twitter rage to the wrong GQ.

It all kicked off when the official One Direction Twitter account tweeted about the covers using American GQ's handle. GQ's social media manager Nate Erickson says that Directioners "came at us from all sides." Fortunately, Erickson has a great sense of humor.

Eventually, they also went after British

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GQ. "Churchill would've been proud," Erickson says of the way his Brit counterparts have handled the drama--and there was this pretty awesome exchange between US and British GQs:

Erickson doubts most of the Directioners even noticed they were sending threats to the wrong mag. "We still get replies about a worst-dressed list that [British GQ] put Ed Sheeran on in 2012, so this is probably just the beginning," he told me.

And they weren't just going after GQ--they also started in on Erickson's personal Twitter handle @Nately. Some of his favorites:

GQ is taking these threats VERY seriously. "We're working actively to identify the suspects, and we've got two of our best detectives on the case," Erickson said, linking to this photo of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in detective gear.

All in all, it made for a pretty entertaining Monday afternoon diversion--and it's still going on, if you're interested in following along. British GQ has also posted a list of some of their scariest tweets received. All social media hate aside: We suspect most of these #Directioners (like, uh, me) will still be buying all five covers.

Social media: GQ Magazine is doing it right.