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Rihanna Forgot to Wear Clothes at Chanel Couture

...and we kind of love her for it.
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Rihanna wore a duster cardigan (remember those from like 10 years ago?) to take in her very first Chanel couture show this morning in Paris. She accessorized with spectator pumps, approximately 43 pearl necklaces, a nipple ring so spiky it was literally poking out through the cashmere of her cardi (maybe it was helping to hold the cardigan closed?), and a beige quilted bag that resembled one of those giant marshmallow peanuts from the penny candy store. And she looked awesome.

Perhaps late for the presentation, Rih managed to only secure two of the buttons, also forgetting all undergarments in the harried process. Too bad Lena Dunham wasn't on hand to spare a pair...

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