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Testing Out a Purported Tan Line Corrector

A new tan corrector pen claims it can "turn tan lines into beautifully bronzed skin" instantly. We put it to the test.
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I used to embrace my tan lines. When I was younger, they served as an excellent measure of just how fruitful my day at the beach had been. But the older I've gotten, the more I've come to agree with Kate Moss's tan line philosophy: White boob is not cool. Neither is having white criss-crosses going down your entire back, or strange circles on your hips where your bikini bottom connects together. The latter, sadly, is what I'm coping with at this very moment.

Needless to say I was pretty thrilled to receive word on a new product called Tanee, a "tan line correcting pen" that promises to "turn those tan lines into beautifully bronzed skin for a flawless look" for a quick fix that "lasts as long as your tan." According to the packaging, Tanee camouflages tan lines on "any skin tone" instantly, "discreetly disguising" those shameful pale zones of mine. It sounded a little too good to be true. Obviously, I had to try it out.

The "pen," which looks like a liquid liner on the outside, is actually more like a felt-tip marker than anything. The not-unpleasant smell reminded me of a frozen tropical drink without the buzz (womp womp). Behold, my Tanee results:

As you can see, Tanee did make my tan lines darker, but it also made the outlines of my tan lines even darker than that. Which looks kind of weird IMHO. Also, the color was much more "faux glow" than au naturale. Maybe if you manage to apply Tanee strictly on the pale area with absolutely zero overlap whatsoever, it would be more effective. But seeing as I consider myself to have a fairly steady hand due to years of art classes and drawing on liquid liner, I think this would be quite hard for the average person to accomplish.

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One thing I did appreciate? How easy the pen was to control. I think Tanee would work really well as a tool for touching up botched self tanner jobs--something I learned the hard way.

Maybe a nude beach really is the only option to going truly tan line-free...