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There Is a Secret Parade of Hat-Wearing Dinosaurs on British Vogue's Site Right Now

Here's how to make them appear...
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Here's some news that we guarantee will make your Monday-after-a-long-weekend infinitely more bearable.

For some reason, if you type the Konami code (which you may or may not know about depending on your familiarity with video game things) on several UK media sites, accessorized velociraptors and nyan cats pop up onto the screen in a truly hilarious and joy-inducing way (thank you Buzzfeed for pointing this out).

The results on Vogue UK are particularly wonderful. For one, all the dinos are wearing hats--some of which are quite fashionable. We spotted both Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton hats among the bunch (perhaps Marc, no stranger to pranks, is somehow responsible for this?). And there's something about the dinos juxtaposed against the glam shot of Kate Moss currently taking up most of Vogue UK's homepage that kills us.

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Here's how do to it: Go to Vogue UK. On your keyboard, hit your up arrow twice Hit your down arrow twice Hit your left arrow once Hit your right arrow once Hit your left arrow again Hit your right arrow again Then hit "B" followed by "A"

To make multiple dinos appear, keep hitting "A."

Watch your afternoon slip by.