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Tyler's Dainty Good Luck Ring

This isn't just a pretty ring. This ring is a good luck charm.

This isn't just a pretty ring. This ring is a good luck charm.

Last Saturday, I went to a One Direction concert to check out their new collaboration with Office Depot--and, of course, to have an amazing time listening to catchy pop tunes while eyeing my future boyfriend Harry Styles.

The next day, while recapping with my mom, we popped into a shop where I saw it--the daintiest, prettiest rose gold ring with a teeny-tiny heart. I slipped it on and it just felt right. Magical, even. I had to have it. In fact, I wore it out of the store.

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On the way to our dinner reservations, we passed a hotel with people crowded around outside. I went to take a photo of all the crazed teenage girls, their iPhones held aloft. And then, as I moved in closer, I saw him.

Harry Styles.

Looking like a perfectly disheveled hipster in a beanie and Ray-Bans, not five feet away from me, snapping pictures with fans. (And, I have to say, even more gorgeous up close.)

So yea, call me crazy, but I think this ring might just be infused with a little bit of magic. And even though I didn't meet Harry that day, maybe, just maybe, this ring will make it happen someday soon.

Get your own good-luck charm (Harry Styles not included) here.