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The Most Memorable Moments from The Rachel Zoe Project

Rachel Zoe's reality TV days are officially over. Let's reminisce over the past five tumultuous years.
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Few television debuts have excited me more than Rachel Zoe's. One of fashion's OG reality TV stars, her glamorous reputation preceded her as tabloids dissected her controversial friendships with the starlets she dressed (was she really giving Nicole Richie Mexican diet pills??).

The show promised real drama and fashion and it did not disappoint. At the time, it was one of the real-est depictions of the fashion industry on television (yes, it can really be that stressful). In one early episode, Brad even called a former boss of mine demanding samples! And just about every cast member was at least a little bit insane. From the fights to the life-or-death fashion disasters to the catch phrases, it was all just amazing.

We really got invested here at Fashionista--asking the show questions every single week.

Even in its later seasons, when--even Zoe must admit--it started getting a little boring, there were some memorably ridiculous moments, thanks in large part to new cast member Skyler.

As we mourn the end of the Rachel Zoe Project (yep, it's really over), read on for our favorite ones from the past five ba-na-nas years. We'll miss ya, Rach.

The flood

In episode two, there was a flood in the showroom during awards season and dresses got wet! Life was over. Everyone blamed Brad because that's just what everyone did back then. Brad probably cried.

Taylor and Brad go head to head

Taylor hated Brad from just about the day he was hired and any time Brad made a mistake was an opportunity for her to dig into him and tell Rachel how much he sucked. We can't even remember what mistake Brad made on this episode, but Taylor exploded on him, told Rachel it was her or him, and he cried--a lot--and almost quit.

Brad goes to Paris

Rachel took Brad to Paris because they were becoming besties. Taylor pretended like it was okay even though we all knew she really wanted to go.

Rachel has Vertigo

Rachel's health starts to fail her in season two when she collapses at the studio and is then diagnosed with Vertigo. The big elephant in the room being, of course, whether or not Zoe actually eats food. Everyone talks about how Rachel needs to take a break--a running theme throughout the series.

Taylor supposedly gets a new role

Throughout season two, Taylor grows increasingly frustrated with her job and how it hasn't really changed. Rachel promises to have Taylor get more involved with branding, but that doesn't really happen...Poor Taylor.


The Oscars are the most important thing that ever happen ever, every year. Usually, they involve Rachel not getting a dress she wants, some A-lister almost going down the red carpet naked, and Brad either totally fucking up or completely saving the day.

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Rachel and Brad hang with Naomi

During one fashion week, Rachel and Brad help style Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Haiti Relief fashion show, and, of meeting her, Brad says one of the series' best lines: “Every single muscle in my body is convulsing with excitement and intense fear.” It's major.

Rachel Disses Taylor post-breakup

After an entire season of complaining about her job, Taylor surprises no one by leaving the Rachel Zoe team (off-camera). Something tells us things didn't end amicably when in season three, Rodger compares dealing with her to negotiating with terrorists and Joey refers to her as a tumor.


In one of the series' most shocking events, Rachel takes a break from work and cooks an entire meal for her family: a Seder that inexplicable includes a Thanksgiving-style Turkey. We're just happy to see her around food.

Rachel finally gives birth

Rachel spends the entirety of season three agonizing over whether or not to have a baby and after a season of seeing her work while pregnant, she finally does it. In Chanel, of course. It's a genuinely heartwarming moment.

Rodger and Rachel diss the New York Post dissing her clothing line

Rachel and Rodger open season five by discussing an upsetting report in the Post claiming that Rachel's clothing line isn't doing well, essentially refuting every one of the Post's claims. We're still not sure who to believe.

Skyler's ridiculous wardrobe revealed

In the process of getting the Zoe-Berman clan's new house ready, we get to see the wardrobe Skyler possesses even before being born. There's tons of Bonpoint, Gucci and more. It's not long before leather jackets are incorporated into the mix.

Every moment with Jeremiah

It's hard to put into words how much we miss 'Miah. He was just so sweet, genuine, hard-working, and above all, really hot. We were so sad when he got fired and so happy when he got hired again. When are he and Nate Berkus going to invite me over for dinner?

Rodger's hair in Season Five

Just, why?

Skyler being beautiful

This kid is stunning. It was difficult to pay attention to anything else while Skyler and his big blue eyes were in the frame--maybe because nothing else was really going on.