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Anna Wintour Poses for Instagram, Wants You to Do the Same

Is this the best picture ever of Anna Wintour or what?
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Today, we spied what may be the best photo Anna Wintour has ever posed for, and it was taken with a cell phone.

Vogue posted this almost-selfie to its Instagram page just a few hours ago. We looked really close, just to be sure it's not an imposter in a bob wig and yes, it really does appear to be the Vogue editor in chief behind that hefty magazine.

No, Anna hasn't developed a new selfie addiction, sadly. But she does want you to indulge yours. Vogue is asking you to take a #selfie with your September issue and tag it #voguestagram.

It's always a big deal when Wintour, who has long been absent from social media despite promoting editors who are social superstars, takes to a digital platform. Her first-ever tweet came on the heels of the Supreme Court's recent overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act.

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This is obviously a less serious affair--but it's still amazing and hopefully not the last time we see Wintour in our Instagram feed. Think next time someone could get her in this Célfie t-shirt?