Anna Wintour Poses for Instagram, Wants You to Do the Same

Is this the best picture ever of Anna Wintour or what?

Today, we spied what may be the best photo Anna Wintour has ever posed for, and it was taken with a cell phone.

Vogue posted this almost-selfie to its Instagram page just a few hours ago. We looked really close, just to be sure it's not an imposter in a bob wig and yes, it really does appear to be the Vogue editor in chief behind that hefty magazine.

No, Anna hasn't developed a new selfie addiction, sadly. But she does want you to indulge yours. Vogue is asking you to take a #selfie with your September issue and tag it #voguestagram.

It's always a big deal when Wintour, who has long been absent from social media despite promoting editors who are social superstars, takes to a digital platform. Her first-ever tweet came on the heels of the Supreme Court's recent overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act.

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This is obviously a less serious affair--but it's still amazing and hopefully not the last time we see Wintour in our Instagram feed. Think next time someone could get her in this Célfie t-shirt?