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CLD PR Is Hiring A Celebrity Placement Specialist In LA!

CLD PR is a full-service public relations agency, focusing most heavily on celebrity & media placement and brand development. Our clients are currently fashion designers (some known around the world), but will expand to include lifestyle and consumer
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CLD PR is a full-service public relations agency, focusing most heavily on celebrity & media placement and brand development. Our clients are currently fashion designers (some known around the world), but will expand to include lifestyle and consumer goods in the future. We also periodically throw events to promote our clients as well as our own brand.

We’re looking for a SUPERSTAR who thrives in a fast-based environment and adapts quickly and fearlessly to changing needs. There is HUGE growth potential in this job, and we have a vested interest in making this hiring decision long-term.

We are on a non-stop, ambitious and strategically-paced quest to continue growing this company into a fun, momentous, powerful place that makes waves in the fashion industry for decades to come.

ABOUT YOU ---- We are seeking a Celebrity Placement Specialist with agency experience. You are not only extremely RESULTS-DRIVEN in garnering top-tier, A-list celebrity placements, but also able to build strong relationships that will yield results through traditional celebrity placement (ie: red carpets, events, paparazzi shots of everyday outings), as well as celebrity placements through traditional media shoots, digital media, and social media. You are organized to the point where you manage many moving parts simultaneously and effectively.

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Job Function: Celebrity Placement Specialist Public Relations/Publicity/Communications/Management

Summary of Responsibilities: • Pitching and securing top celebrity placements for a number of fashion and lifestyle brands ranging from but not limited to: fine jewelry, costume jewelry, red carpet, contemporary clothing, shoes, handbags, workout wear, scarves, bridal, etc… • Planning and executing celebrity outreach campaigns for our high-end designers to include both gifting and lending strategies based on the brand and celebrity target list. • Working with our showroom manager to ensure the implementation of the overall media strategy for different brands, including developing celebrity pitches and strategically positioning the brands in the celebrity media through effective messaging. Traditional celebrity placement and social media included. • Identifying and creating proactive celebrity placement opportunities (always with timing and strategy at the forefront of your mind, as opposed to just random pitches). • Cultivating and nurturing stylist, celebrity, costume designer, publicist, managerial and agency relationships, as well enhancing our existing relationships. • PR Calendar: Maintaining accurate records of all upcoming events, stylists’ upcoming projects, red carpets, productions, premiers, parties, press junkets, editorial calendars, weddings, pregnancies, etc that will lead to potential opportunities for our clients to be placed (with intern assistance) • Producing and maintaining contact lists: Managing interns who will research stylist, publicist etc. contact lists. Updating contact lists routinely for maximum effectiveness • Drafting various marketing materials showcasing our 60+ brands for distribution to our celebrity, stylist and publicist contact list • Always promoting our clients’ celebrity placements, success and story, and effectively increasing social media reach for our brands • Maintaining an organized, well merchandised showroom space

Qualifications: • Ridiculously extensive celebrity stylist and publicist contacts and relationships!! - A minimum of 2-5 years celebrity placement PR agency experience (preferably at another very celebrity-placement-heavy agency such as Film Fashion, Starworks, D’Orazio, Bollare, etc) in Los Angeles (since most celebrities are West Coast based). • Critical thinker in collaborative environments, with the ability to creatively drum up big-impact results • Our office is always busy so it is important that we find someone who can work independently with little day to day supervision but who is still able to take direction. Your focus may be on a smaller task at hand, but your eyes are also always on the big-picture too • You set deadlines and benchmarks for yourself, and you HIT them. You know how to prioritize tasks, and you know which tasks are ok to pass off to assistants or interns and which should always stay within your capable control • Proven ability to act quickly and efficiently manage teams of interns as well as multiple projects at one time • Strong communications and interpersonal skills - Knowledge of the etiquette that must be used when dealing with celebrities and their appointed stylists, publicists, managers and agents • Knowledge of the fashion industry’s major players • Experience and knowledge with the fashion industry’s events, styles, trends • Knowledge of pop-culture and the impact that all movers and shakers can have on each brand • Amazing sales tactics in which you strive to receive a positive end result • Fail-proof follow-up skills • 4-year (preferably) degree in public relations, communications, or marketing. • Online media/ Web 2.0 background a must • Cision, Vocus and other major distribution applications a plus • Proficiency on computers and with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Entourage, PowerPoint etc) • Knowledge of PR clipping tracking programs (Google Alerts, VMS, Burrelles Luce, Vocus, etc) • When you read magazines, blogs, trade publications etc, you read them from a publicist’s opportunistic viewpoint, not just from a passive reader viewpoint • Positive, can-do attitude. Ambitious, yet down-to-earth enough to help with anything. • Smart, fearless, energetic, hungry to succeed, strong work ethic, and a leader • Ready to serve clients that may range from emerging to world-wide corporate • Our ideal celebrity placement specialist may also have some background in graphic design. We always need you to find the most effective ways to get messages across in print and electronic media using not only words; but color, type, illustration, and photography. Graphic design is not a requirement per say, however your ability to develop the overall layout and production design of newsletters, brochures, promotional materials, fliers and forms will fast track your resume to an interview. (Please attach samples of your design work).

We can't wait to hear from you. :)

Please submit your resume and a cover letter than relates to THIS position to Rebecca at ASAP. We will be looking to hire ASAP.