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Domino May Relaunch (Again) with E-Commerce and Print

Domino may be back! For real this time, and with e-commerce.
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Beloved home decor magazine Domino's resurrection has been a slow one, but it finally seems to be coming along.

Last spring, Domino returned on a small scale in the form of biannual special editions like Domino Small Spaces. Currently, the site only features links to social media pages. But it's set to undergo an even bigger revival, possibly as soon as next month, WWD is reporting.

The revamp will reportedly include an e-commerce site as well as a quarterly print magazine. The former, presumably meant to bring in profits that newsstand sales may not, will be the result of a partnership between Condé Nast and Project Décor--a Pinterest-like e-commerce platform for home decor (according to the trade, Condé has an ownership stake in the platform).

Domino's online presence would basically become Project Decor, but be called Domino. Condé Nast declined to comment.

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If it's true, it's another example of Condé Nast's growing interest in tech startups and e-commerce. And we can't help but wonder if Lucky--which Domino was initially launched as the home version of--could one day undergo a similar e-commerce-focused revamp.