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Eugenia Kim Is Looking For Fall Design Interns In NYC!

Eugenia Kim, the nation's leading luxury hat & hair accessory design company, is hiring Design Interns for Fall Semester. In 1998, after a bad haircut, Eugenia Kim created a bold feathered cloche to wear as a disguise. Boutiques in her downtown New York City neighborhood immediately took notice of her inventive design and soon after Barneys New York placed their first order and the Eugenia Kim brand was born. You will be able to see how a luxury accessories company works from the inside out, from initial design concepts through sales to production. You will work directly alongside our designers as we work on our line of men's and women's hats, hair accessories, shoes and belts, as well as on one-of-a-kind pieces for press and collaborations with other designers for Fashion Week runway shows.
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