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Eva Chen Discusses the Possibility of E-Commerce at Lucky

Could Eva Chen be the first editor to successfully bring e-commerce to a fashion mag?
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Could Eva Chen be the first editor to successfully bring e-commerce to a fashion mag?

Chen, Lucky's newest editor in chief, chatted with Business of Fashion about how she got the big job--becoming the youngest EIC and the first Asian American to helm a Condé Nast title--and about the possibility of expanding the glossy into the e-commerce realm. Lucky general manager Gillian Gorman Round and Condé Nast president Bob Sauerberg have both hinted at the idea, but for right now, Chen remains coy.

"This question is hard to comment on at the moment, to be honest," she told BOF, "because my first challenge was refreshing the print model and design and now we’re working on the new look of the website."

But she doesn't rule it out entirely, adding, "E-commerce is certainly on my mind, but establishing the tone and cadence of print and the new site is foremost."

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Much ink has been spilled about Chen's digital savvy--arguably one of the reasons she landed her new role. The September issue, Chen's first, already shows a stronger focus on street style-esque editorials; even the editor's letter is shoppable, reflecting Chen's daily Instagram snaps of what she's wearing.

And with her upcoming changes to, Chen aims to make Lucky a 360 degree experience for the reader, extending the life of the monthly issue with behind-the-scenes content and bonus features--so the idea of adding an e-commerce extension to the brand doesn't seem like too much of a stretch. While Chen may not be in a rush to bring Lucky e-commerce to life, it fits in with her vision for the title.

"My goal is really just to continue to evolve the magazine and make Lucky the resource for a new type of shopper," she told BOF, "someone who I know is out there, because it's me, it's you, it's everyone in this office. We want to really celebrate the fun and joy of shopping."