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How Much Fashion Jobs Really Pay

The results are in!

Are you getting paid enough? We posed that question less than a month ago with the release of Fashionista's first-ever salary survey. A whopping 5,000 of you answered. And we thank you for that!

Now you can browse through the slides to get an idea of salaries in more than 40 different fashion-related jobs. We covered retail and sales, marketing, publicity, design, social media, and creative (aka, the art department). Remember, the salaries listed reflect an average: so if you are making way more or way less than you're seeing next to your title, it doesn't mean you're as out of the ordinary as you think. But also remember that industry insiders from hundreds of fantastic companies—Conde Nast, J.Crew, Macy's, and Hearst, to name of few—completed this survey. So if you are looking for a pay upgrade, it could be a good negotiating tool.

Let the voyeurism begin!

Retail and Sales 

Visual Merchandising: $37,100 

Assistant Buyer: $46,300 

Assistant Merchandiser: $45,000 

Associate Buyer: $55,500 

Merchandiser: $64,700 

Store Manager: $65,400 

Buyer: $69,800


Editorial Assistant: $33,900 

Copy Editor: $34,000 

Associate Editor: $40,800 

Associate Market Editor: $41,700 

Writer: $44,600 

Editor: $66,400 

Bookings Editor: $105,000 

Stylist: $141,700 

Bookings Director: $164,800 

Director-level Editor: $179,900


Associate Designer: $55,000 

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Technical Designer: $85,400 

Designer: $155,400 

Design Director: $178,000 

Creative Director: $191,000

Public Relations 

Assistant Publicist: $44,800 

Associate Publicist: $46,300 

Publicist/Account Executive/Account Manager: $59,600 

Publicity Director: $88,800 

VP of Publicity: $146,700


Associate Marketing Manager: $54,100 

Marketing Manager: $88,300 

Senior Marketing Manager $116,4000 

Marketing Director: $130,600 

Chief Marketing Officer: $306,600

Social Media 

Social Media Manager - Entry-level: $33,800 

Social Media Manager - Midlevel: $49,600

Social Media Manager - Senior Level: $71,900


Production Assistant: $36,2000 

Assistant Graphic Designer: $46,200 

Graphic Designer: $101,200 

Photo Editor: $115,900 

Design Director: $164,300