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Ke$ha on Her New Jewelry Line: 'It's Natural That I'd Want to Adorn My Body with Penises'

We caught up with Ke$ha, who's in the midst of a world tour, to get the deets on what makes her newfound jewelry biz "TiK ToK" (SNAP!).
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A lot of people love penises--but not everyone has the wherewithal to create an entire jewelry line covered in them. Thankfully, Ke$ha did. The popstar's recently launched collection with Charles Albert, "Kesha Rose," is filled with human teeth, skulls, arrowheads, roses, and yep, phalluses. Handcrafted using hypoallergenic Alchemía in place of more traditional jewelry metals, the 140+ piece line (priced from $12-$600) was an instant sellout when it debuted online a few weeks ago. That's a whole lotta little penises.

We caught up with Ke$ha, who's in the midst of a world tour, via email to get the deets on what makes her newfound jewelry biz "TiK ToK" (SNAP!).


Fashionista: What made you want to do a jewelry line? Ke$ha: It was a natural next step for me. I am obsessed with jewelry, especially natural stones, and it just made sense for me to eventually make my own. I also love the metaphysical properties of many of the stones we are using.

Who are you envisioning wearing your creations? There is something for everyone in my line. Smaller, daintier pieces for those who want to dress up but not go too crazy, and big chunky ones for those who want to make a bold statement. What's your favorite piece in the entire collection? Which can you not stop wearing, and which is the most personal? My favorite piece is probably the teeth, molded after ones my fans have sent me. I wear all of it, all the time. The blue roses are the most personal because that line (Blue Rose) is named after my brother whose middle name is Blue, and my mom whose name is Rose (which is my middle name, too).

Why did you choose to use Alchemia instead of silver or gold? I love that I can make stuff that my fans can afford, and I also love that it's adjustable.

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Obviously I have to ask about the penis motifs. What inspired you to make those? I mean, come on. I love boys and I love penises. It's natural that I'd want to adorn my body with them. And in anything I do, I think it's important to have some humor.

How many versions of penises did you have to go through to perfect it? Actually just one. Very important question: When it comes to penis (jewelry!) size... is a petite penis ring be just as... shall we say, effective as the regular size? Ha... I'm not really sure how to answer that one. You might have to ask that of someone with a penis.

Can you fill us in on some other motifs you'd be interested in incorporating into your jewelry in future collections? There are so many but I can't give away all my secrets!

Do you have any other future fashion ambitions? I'm currently working on my faux fur line which I'm super excited about.

Click through for some highlights from Kesha Rose by Charles Albert.