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The Future of Street Style Looks Bleak According to Garance Doré and Scott Schuman

Guess what? We're still. not. done. talking about the future of street style. And according to OG street style bloggers Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, things may be about to change...for the worse.

Guess what? We're still. not. done. talking about the future of street style.

The latest to weigh in on the fashion circus subject are OG street style photographers Scott Schuman and Garance Doré. The two recently spoke to Elle UK--and Doré posted the resulting interview on her blog.

Both remain passionate about capturing inspiring fashion images--but are quick to point out that, in many cases, what's outside the tents at fashion week is not "real" street style.

"It’s fashion week all the time now. What we call street style isn’t actually street style at all, it’s fashion-week style," says Doré. "Brands want to be a part of it and the editors look more elaborate than any magazine editorial."

She notes that Schuman, in comparison to other street style photographers, does not focus much attention on fashion week.

"Scott does street style--he shoots [on the street] all year round. What you see at the shows has become a totally different thing...When it becomes like that, maybe it’s time to turn your camera away and shoot something else."

Doré thinks the shows are "over-covered" and "over-exposed." "I can even feel with my blog that readers are losing interest in fashion week," she says.

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So are we going to stop seeing crowds of photographers outside the tents each season? Probably not--at least for the time being.

Both Doré and Schuman plan to continue to cover the shows, in their own unique ways, and both feel that the number of photogs outside the tent will only increase.

"The thing that’s going to happen is Festival de Cannes," says Doré. "There’ll be barriers to keep the photographers back and branding boards. It’s already on the way." I've heard Doré's prediction echoed by Tommy Ton, too--that it will just become another red carpet.

That being said, the street style bubble may burst eventually. "People who work in fashion always see the trends before they arrive and think they’re over when they’re actually becoming mainstream. Maybe this is just the start." Street style may be going mainstream, but, to borrow language from Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, if the early-adopters are getting sick of it, it may not be too long until the majority tire of it too.

Plus, there's a new phenomenon sweeping the web that threatens to overtake street style altogether: The selfie.

"People turn the camera on themselves now," Doré points out. "They don’t even need us to talk about them."

With more and more editors posting #OOTD on Instagram and, in some cases, even maintaining blogs, could the end of street style be near?