#Voguestagram Hashtag Brings Out Instagram's Fashion-Obsessed Animals

#Voguestagram--it's not just for people, guys.

Vogue recently posted an Instagram shot of Anna Wintour reading the September issue and captioned it, "Anna Wintour reads #TheSeptemberIssue. Do you? We would love to see it! Show us your #voguestagram."

The hashtag elicited a pretty huge response: Everyone from Jenna Lyons to Reese Witherspoon made use of it. And we found out it's not just people who read Vogue--several furry friends got in on the #voguestagram action.

So, we present to you an adorable Friday afternoon treat/distraction: From standard household pets (though there were way more dogs than cats--what gives guys??) to horses, gerbils, and even a celebrity cat, we've picked our favorite shots of animals pawing through the September issue--which likely weighs more than most of them.

But of course, the real marvel is the fact that these guys took selfies without opposable thumbs...

Additional reporting by Miranda Barros