Aliza Licht, aka DKNY PR Girl, Lands a Book Deal

Social media maven Aliza Licht, aka DKNY PR Girl, is about to get way more than 140 characters to share her thoughts.

Aliza Licht, once best known as DKNY PR Girl, is beloved in the industry for her insider tweets--from pre-fashion week insanity to live-tweeting shows like Scandal and Gossip Girl (RIP), we can't get enough of her hilarious commentary.

Now, she's about to get way more than 140 characters to share her thoughts: Licht announced late Friday evening (via her Instagram, natch) that she's been offered a book deal.

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The as-yet-untitled book is set to be around 75,000 words, due to her publisher April 1. Of course, we hope it's really dishy--we live for her #showrequests Tumblr posts every fashion week and her Twitter handles are must-follows during any red carpet. But we're also hoping we'll get to read about how Licht managed to carve out such a niche position in the industry--and how she saw the potential for social media way before many other traditional PRs. (And maybe some tips on how to wear a cape would be nice too.)

It looks like Licht has already started writing the tome--so when can get get our hands on it?!