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Anndra Neen Spring 2014: Silver Sisters

Sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens know a thing or two about silver.
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Sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens know a thing or two about silver. Born and raised in Mexico City, they've built their jewelry label Anndra Neen into a critically acclaimed and globally recognized entity by working hand-in-hand with local silversmiths in the megalopolis’s Zona Rosa neighborhood (which, Annette notes, is undergoing a bit of a renaissance--a cool-crowd migration of sorts from established pockets such as La Roma and Condesa). Their love for the craft continues for Spring/Summer 2014, in a collection heavy on Distrito Federal’s artisanship--naturally--but with influences from Ron Fricke’s dialogue-free 1992 film, Baraka.

“In the documentary, they go to 24 countries around the world,” explains Phoebe. “It’s one of the most visually beautiful films we’ve ever seen.” That internationalism is tapped with cues from Southeast Asia and Africa, via bracelets rendered in pewter studs, slatted earrings, and shield-sized disked necklaces. But for Phoebe, home is where the heart is--her preferred selections include elements of woven-steel plating, marking an aesthetic tie-in to traditional Mexican rugs. As for Annette's favorite? The devastatingly chic--though possibly hazardous--crossbarred iPhone case.

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