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Anthony Vaccarello Gets Ready for Donatella for Spring

It's no surprise that Anthony Vaccarello is reportedly in talks to be the next guest designer at Versus.

Who can make military buttons sexy? Anthony Vaccarello, that's who. For Spring 2014, the 2012 ANDAM winner took those rounded, shiny buttons that typically pin together double-breasted wool coats and dotted them all over blazers, shorts, tiny dresses, and, maybe most significantly, a mini skirt whose front was cut into a V. (It actually reminded me of that Zara skort that was so popular this summer, but elevated by the skill of a Parisian ready-to-wear designer.) That mini was the collection's dominant silhouette, forming a navy and black off-the-shoulder dress, a black skirt paired with a louche button up, and a blood-red leather wrap dress.

Vaccarello has the spirit of Versace in him. He loves a slit (even on a mini), bondage straps and anything else that conveys sex without too much smut. So it's no surprise that he is reportedly in talks to be the next guest designer at Versus. After seeing this collection, I'm shocked it hasn't happened yet, and I sure hope it does. Some things are just meant to be.

Photos: IMAXtree

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