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Breaking Down Miley Cyrus's Many Fabulous 'Wrecking Ball' Looks

"It's her destiny to bring us hope." --Billy Ray Cyrus
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Boy, are you in for a treat: It's our

So here's how to dress exactly like Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball."

Look one:

Childs' white ribbed tank top, $10

White cotton panty $8.50

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Burgundy Doc Martens, $120

Red lipstick, $15

Deeply inspired hipster tattoos, $5

Tears, $10

A sledgehammer, $34

Look two:


Oh and a wrecking ball from some construction site... though you might want to wear a hard hat if you're doing that IRL. Thazz all! Who knew being awesome was so easy/sleazy? Miley. THAT'S F-CKING WHO. :)