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Dannijo Spring 2014: Hashtag Film Noir

It’s Dannijo’s fifth anniversary, so sisters and co-designers Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel had good reason to celebrate their upcoming spr

It’s Dannijo’s fifth anniversary, so sisters and co-designers Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel had good reason to celebrate their upcoming spring 2014 collection. A raw, garage-like space in the West Village served as the party venue, with a backstage area dressed up like a boudoir vignette. To display next season's jewelry designs, models clad in slinky slip dresses lounged about in a bedroom (complete with disheveled bed) and softly lit parlor that were straight out a Preminger movie.

While dramatic, the scene was a bit separated from the crowd, which made it challenging to get a careful look at the jewelry. That was probably okay for a lot of the attendees, as the presentation seemed more like a reason for Dannijo’s cool kid friends to come by and fete the happy occasion. Along with Natalia Kills, Dannijo besties Leandra Medine, Hilary Rhoda and Coco Rocha were on hand to party. Rocha was even hosting a Google+ Hangout on-site.

But luckily I did manage to catch Danielle in between her Hangout segment and socializing to have her talk me through the collection.

“It’s our fifth year anniversary, so we were really focused on what was central to the brand and one thing we kept coming back to was the notion of duality,” Danielle explained. “Jodie and I have very different perspectives, which makes the collection very eclectic and wearable by a range of women, so for spring/summer 2014, we loved the idea of the sensual woman in film noir. She’s romantic, but dangerous; elegant but bold; and manages to have all of these polar opposite forces happening at once.”

“For spring, all the [clothing] colors are really pastel and light and feminine, so we wanted the jewelry to be a really stark contrast to that,” she continued. “So we went black, really bold, statement… We did a lot with collars. There’s this railroad track silhouette that runs through the collection and we love it because it can be really day into night, depending on what you pair it with. It could be worn with jeans and a tee or an evening gown.”

Upon closer look (Instagram and the zoom function on my iPhone also helped), unlike the rainbow of bold and bright Southwestern hues from seasons past, the color palette for spring sticks to moody and mysterious onyx, white and a smattering of earth tones. The Dannijo signature bib collar is in the mix, along with Old Hollywood-esque tasselled necklaces, embellished anklets (hey, the '90s are back) and floral statement double-rings connected by a chain-link.

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However, not everything referenced the past: The girls are also launching handbags for the first time this season. We only got a teaser in this presentation though—-a creamy beige zip-clutch accented with a signature Dannijo-jeweled slip-in handle.

“We really focused on this idea of the bag as the accessory,” Danielle explained. “A lot of jewelry brands just bejewel bags or clutches and we really wanted [the bag] to be the accessory itself. The bags are made in Italy and the hardware is done in New York.”

Since Dannijo pretty much made #armparty (with help from Leandra) and #putabibonit everyday phrases (well, on Twitter and Instagram anyway), we had to ask: what’s the next big hashtag in the works?

“Oh, we have #putyourpetinit,” she said after thinking a moment. “Like your dog, your cat. We’ve had some amazing bibbed dogs, like people are taking the jewelry and literally putting their pets in Dannijo.”

So there you go.

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