Deborah Lippmann Debuts New Polish Texture and Nail Shape at Kate Spade

Come learn about Deborah Lippmann's "matteen almetto" nail.

Every season we look forward to seeing what kind of quirky magic

The nail art itself was inspired by the famous Kate Spade cap toe shoe (and for the next time you're playing "Nail Polish Trivial Pursuit," this is the second season in a row the nails were inspired by the shoes). A thin, glossy, colored line separated the shiny metallic tip from the matteen white. Speaking of which, Lippmann offered up a pretty ingenious DIY striping tip: Rather than trying to paint a line on, simply plant your brush hand on the table, then hold your brush parallel to the table, and simply roll your finger along the end of the brush, while keeping your brush hand steady. It's a brilliant technique, especially when you need to paint with your non-dominant hand.

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So will you try matteen almetto nails?

Photos: Cheryl Wischhover