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Go Behind the Scenes of the VFILES Runway Show

Spoiler alert: a couple male models rap.

Along with dressing Miley Cyrus in some of the pop star's most controversial (and almost regret-free) fashion looks to date, LA-based stylist Lisa Katnic had her hands tied recently styling VFILES's first-ever user-generated fashion show.

The über-hipster fashion/entertainment platform, which also brought us the Bling Ring capsule collection, rallied its online community members to curate a New York Fashion Week runway show--the winners, of which, included international labels Sam MC, Ammerman Schlösberg, Steven Tai, and Gypsy Sport. And lucky for us, VFILES documented the whole thing on video.

The result? Think Project Runway-meets-Robert Altman's Pret-a-Porter-meets-something you'd see on Vice. But while it's certainly a showcase for Katnic to branch out into styling that doesn't involve naked-flesh-looking latex bikinis and hand-sewn naughty foam fingers, the real breakout star of the 12-minute-long show is casting director and Model Files host Preston Chaunsumlit.

Not everything goes according to plan: For one thing, there aren't enough models--NBD! Chaunsumlit simply encourages the newbie designers to "fight" for the ones that do happen to trickle in for the last minute "fit and confirm." (Watch the doc to find out the definition.) Oh and a couple male models show off their rhyming skills backstage. Oh, you models--goofballs!. Every last one of 'em!

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