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Fashion VIPs Have 'Near Death' Experience en Route to Paris

Fashion can be dangerous, people. Be careful out there.

The fashion world experienced a terrifying close call last night, as a plane full of big time industry people hit a serious rough patch during the landing process in Paris.

According to the NY Post, an Air France flight carrying some of fashion's most influential--EICs Glenda Bailey (Harper's Bazaar), Linda Wells (Allure), and Anne Fulenwider (Marie Claire), Glamour fashion director Anne Christenson, Vogue creative digital director Sally Singer and fashion news director Mark Holgate, and Barneys CEO Mark Lee, among them--from Milan to Paris Fashion Week was forced to abort the landing at one point. Before you freak out, it's okay, everyone is fine. Maybe just a little shaken and a tad late to the first show. But then these things never start on time, do they?

“As we got extremely close to the runway, the plane started rocking. We were about to land, and the pilot suddenly jerked the plane upwards, back into the atmosphere,” a source told the Post, “A stewardess announced, ‘Mesdames et Messieurs, we are sorry, but we will have to abort our landing.'”

Wait, isn't the politically-correct term, "flight attendant?" But anyway.

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An un-named editor gave the Post his or her first-hand account of the ordeal: “It seemed like it was a wind gust. The plane tipped one way, then another, like a seesaw before the aborted landing.”

Apparently, after a bit of circling, the plane landed safely in about 15 minutes. On the bright side (on top of the plane, you know, landing), the incident gave everyone something to chat about while waiting for their (sure-to-be) massive amounts of luggage at baggage claim.

Although, for some, the terrifying episode will be hard to shake. Because of this Fashion Week-related "near-death experience," one editor will *gasp* be "taking the train next season."