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Gina Gershon Looks Amazing as Donatella Versace

This is gonna be good.
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Get ready for a pretty wonderful post-fashion month treat. On October 5, Lifetime will air House of Versace, a sure-to-be very dramatic movie telling the story of the iconic Italian fashion house before and after Gianni Versace's death. The film is based on the book by Wall Street Journal reporter Deborah Balls, House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival.

And here's Gershon (as promised), decked out in a skin-tight metallic mini, fake tan and extremely blonde wig to play the story's heroine, who overcomes drug addiction to take the fashion house where it is today.

We're already planning our perfect Saturday night: Maybe a viewing of Showgirls, in which Gershon memorably played Nomi Malone's jealous, backstabbing co-star Crystal Connors, if only to hear Elizabeth Berkley pronounce Versace "Versayce." Followed by House of Versace at 8, and then Versace: Beyond the Headlines, the documentary special Lifetime plans to air at 10pm. There will also obviously be lots of wine.

Will you watch?

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