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Givenchy's New Ubiquitous Celeb Must-Have: The Bambi Sweatshirt

Is the Bambi sweatshirt the new Rottweiler tee? Seems like it...
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Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci has a knack for creating pieces that are instantly recognizable. You see a skirt or a dress on Carine Roitfeld or (lately) Kim Kardashian or a street style star and you somehow instantly know he designed it.

This has never been truer than with the ubiquitous Rottweiler image he introduced with fall 2011 men's runway show. Sweatshirts and tees bearing the ferocious canine were worn by everyone from Kanye West to Liv Tyler. And what was interesting about it was not only the fact that it became a must-have item, but also that it appealed to fashion fans across all genders and genres—from hip hop dudes to fashion girls.

No other must-have item has come close to competing with the Rottweiler tee. Until now, that is. Disney's Bambi seems to be giving the Rottweiler a run for its money. The $1,375 neoprene "Bambi and Female Form Print Sweater" from Fall 2013 has not only already been seen on everyone from Carine Roitfeld to Lily Collins (who wore it as a dress) to Elle Fanning (on the cover of Miss Vogue Australia)—not to mention on Amanda Seyfried in the ad campaign, but it's also already sold out everywhere including Barneys and Net-a-Porter (which promises more are "coming soon"). We're honestly surprised Kanye West has yet to sport a male version of the sweatshirt—guess it's only a matter of time. There was nothing of the sort in the collection Tisci showed yesterday, so we imagine Bambi will have to tide us over until his next sporty animal moment.

For now—which stylish female celeb do you think wore it best?

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