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Greasy Roots Are in for Spring

Ermm...we don't how we feel about this one.

Those of you who are into the "no-poo" movement are going to be pretty happy come spring: Greasy roots are in.

For the last few seasons, the really wet look has ruled the runways, but that one was at least understandable. This latest incarnation is really shiny and damp looking at the crown--but dry at the ends. The effect is kind of like you had a wool beanie on all day in 90 degree heat and went to spin class, then took the hat off and walked down the runway.

Rag & Bone, which honestly surprised the hell out of me this season beauty-wise with those orange lips, kicked off the trend.

Guido Palau said designers push stylists to find a new way to reinvent their girl every season. So this season Palau decided he wanted a very stylized version of the R & B girl, and he kept emphasizing that he wanted her ears to stick out a bit. The end result is classic texture mixing, something we see in clothes all the time and that we've seen in nails more recently. Palau got the look by using a whole lotta Kerastase Forceful 23 hair spray at the crown.

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At Suno, Odile Gilbert did some texture mixing, too. She made waves with an iron in the back, then used gel at the crown for a wet look. She wrapped some hair behind the ears and attached the ends under, creating a veil-like look in the back. She played up the texture in the back with dry shampoo (which can be mattifying) to further differentiate the textures.

At Prabal Gurung, stylist Paul Hanlon envisioned girls preserved in formaldehyde, sort of like a Damien Hirst artwork. Gurung wanted mannequin-like hair and Hanlon delivered, using tons of hairspray like Palau did at Rag & Bone, and OSiS Sparkler for that super high shine.

It's obviously a very editorial look, and beauty editors backstage are having some strong reactions to this hair (not always positive), but think about it this way: The next time you're running late for work, don't have time to wash your hair, and can't get your hands on some dry shampoo, you can feel vindicated knowing that runway hair stylists worked for hours to get this look, but yours was effortless.

Photos: Imaxtree