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Halle Berry Is President for a Day

Blog Part Nouveau, or ‘partly new’, delves into fashion history to showcase the inspiration–be it art, photography or design–behind some of today’s biggest fashion moments. It’s fascinating and impossible not to get lost in, so we asked the site’s founder, Lilah Ramzi, to give us a little history lesson each week. This week's lesson? Presidential poses never go out of style.
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To ring in Esquire’s 75th Anniversary, the magazine restaged some of its most well-known covers, including the borderline-racy December 2000 cover featuring then President Bill Clinton on the heels of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In an attempt to imbue a sense of honesty à la Honest Abe into the current President, photographer Platon shot the president positioned after President Lincoln in his famous memorial. However, Platon’s portrait backfired slightly as the public viewed the cover more crotch-shot than presidential pose.

As the magazine’s sexiest woman alive in 2008, it was only fitting that Halle Berry pose as Bill Clinton (posing as Abe Lincoln), recreating the controversial cover. Photographed by Cliff Watts, who also happens to be a close friend of Berry’s, the cover seems to call upon the famous adage: sex is power.

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