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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fashion Week Attendees into Talking About Non-Existent Designers


Alright, looks like we have to add another rule onto our "How Not to Be a Dick at Fashion Week" list: Don't pretend to know what you're talking about if you don't--especially if a man with a microphone is filming you.

You may remember that Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to Coachella to ask festival-goers about new musical acts--except that those groups were totally made up. We all laughed and thought, "Who would fall for that?"

Some people outside of Lincoln Center, apparently. Kimmel repeated the stunt during fashion week and the results are spectacularly embarrassing. He uses George Costanza as a designer name and they even fall for that. (*headdesk*) When asked what they thought of other faux designers, one guy says he went to his show, while another comments that he has a "nice aesthetic."

At one point, the reporter shows two people a doctored photo of a model wearing a watermelon on his head and asks what they think of the look.

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"It's called fashion," the guy says. "Look it up."

Oy. Watch the cringeworthy video below: