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Neon Orange Lipstick Trending at New York Fashion Week

We're just about half way through New York Fashion Week, and neon orange lips have already popped up on some very major runways.

On Friday I ran into a few beauty editor colleagues on my way in to the Rag & Bone backstage beauty area. "You're not going to believe it," they said. "There's a lip this season!" I started walking a little faster.

You're never going to see elaborate up-dos, nail art, and fuchsia lips at a Rag & Bone show. The R&B girl is a cool customer, whose eyeliner is smudged and whose hair looks like she's doing a walk of shame (defiantly, of course). This season, however, Revlon makeup artist Gucci Westman (who's married to 50% of Rag & Bone, aka David Neville), gave the girls a bright, neon orange, matte lip. It's the first time she's ever done a non-neutral lip for Rag & Bone.

"There was talk of a glossy mouth at one point, but I was like, 'No, that’s definitely not a Rag & Bone girl,'" Westman said. "The clothes are quite pastel-y, so I wanted something that would really pop, one element of color. Red would be too pretty, pink is too sweet. The orange just looked really good with the clothes."

Rag & Bone's muse isn't the only cool girl in town doing orange neon lips this season. We're just about halfway through New York fashion week and it's popped up on some very major runways.

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Yesterday at the Prabal Gurung show, Charlotte Tilbury (for MAC) gave the girls "fluoro-pastel" lips, and it made for a matchy-matchy runway moment; the lipstick often matched the shoes and dresses. In addition to neon orange, Tilbury worked pink and bright lavender, which I thought was the most striking of the bunch.

Then there was CFDA darling Creatures of the Wind, who showed on the first day of fashion week. NARS's James Boehner gave the models a satiny neon orange lip. "The lip glows and pops off the face," he said.

Neon has been huge in fashion for several seasons, and now it's migrated to the face. Will traffic cone orange lips have a moment or was it just a runway detour?