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New Zealand Fashion Week: SGC, Auckland's Answer to Opening Ceremony

Our coverage of New Zealand Fashion Week continues! We chat with the cool kids of Auckland about their "cauldron goth" collection and how Kiwi street style stacks up against New York or London.

Remember the extravaganza that was Opening Ceremony’s SS14 runway show, complete with a slew of leggy models emerging from vrooming cars and a club-kid heavy after-party with guests like Rihanna and her buzzed-about mullet? Well, that was super similar to Stolen Girlfriends Club’s New Zealand Fashion Week show a few days before -- albeit sans Rihanna. However, RiRi and many other pop starlets would totally rock what SGC had pumping down the runway. Created by a trio of kiwi dudes, SGC is the cool kids crew over in NZ, and its show, titled "Dirty Magic," was for sure dirty -- disheveled locks, mohawks and smoky vampire-girl eyes abounded. The runway looks were a spellbinding kind of magical with plaid, sheer overlays, velvets, and lots of floppy hats.

I chatted with one third of the design trio, Marc Moore, about being the reigning label down under, Auckland’s finest hot spots, and SGC’s "cauldron punk"-inspired line.

How does it feel being the coolest designers down under? [Laughing] We have to be careful with the “cool” tag, it can backfire and work against you sometimes. Our brand is all about entertainment -- whether it's with the events we do, our online content we are generating or the product we're working on. Maybe this makes us “cool?" I'm not really sure.

How’d you come up with the name Stolen Girlfriends Club? Are you guys BFFs? We've been around for eight years now, so we’re fairly established and can no longer claim rookie status. The name was taken from an early art exhibition we had just before we launched the brand. Everyone loved the exhibition’s name and theme, so it seemed only natural that our brand would share the same name. And yeah, we are best friends!

Any pre-show rituals? Pre-show is usually quite relaxed because by this time we should have everything organized, and we have a great team that knows what they're doing. It's a pretty tight ship now. A well-oiled machine, you might say.

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How about post-show? Your party was pretty killer. Post-show is a different story! That's our time to relax and bask in the moment. The show's done and hopefully everyone liked it; we get to chat to our friends, sink a couple beers, and watch an amazing band or two. Our after-show parties are pretty well known at NZFW, we think it's important to celebrate after working so hard and long on a collection. We also invite every one of our friends, because the more the merrier.

Tell us about the theme of the show, "Dirty Magic."

We were inspired originally by tarot card artwork. We started with developing our own take of the tarot card graphics. We put these into fabric prints and placement prints. It was quite a dark vibe that got us thinking about gypsies and witches. We didn't want the collection to look too bohemian or Stevie Nicks, so we mixed our inspirations with a bit of punk to freshen it right up and make it look a little unique. The music from the show was quite a big inspiration to the collection, it also suited the show so well and definitely created the atmosphere we were looking for.

Describe the collection in five words… Dark gypsy goth "cauldron-punk."

Nice! So, how does Auckland street style fashion compare to other major cities? It's definitely up there. The only thing is the fact that our population is so small, so it's probably harder to notice. You really have to look for it and know where to look as well. All the cool kids move in similar circles -- in the same bubble. I've seen people here dressed so well, they'd easily stack up against someone in New York or London. But then it may just be one person where in New York or London there'd be like 20 others.

Photos: Michael Ng