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Patricia Field Teams Up with Hukkster on a Fashion Show You Get to Attend

In this video exclusive to Fashionista, the inimitable Pat Field explains what this open-to-the-public fashion show she's putting on is all about.
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We first told you about e-commerce startup Hukkster late last year, when the Winklevoss twins came on board as (tw)investors. To refresh: it's a deal site founded by two former J.Crew buyers, which allows you to "hukk" items you like online and then receive notifications when those items go on sale. And recently, thanks to the Winklevoss' cash, they've added a mobile app, meaning you can even get a push notification when that bag you've been coveting has suddenly fallen into your price range.

While Hukkster is pretty awesome, there are still a lot of people who don't know about it, which is why it's staging an interesting event during New York Fashion Week, which you're officially invited to. It involves an outdoor fashion spectacle at Lincoln Center, and the inimitable Patricia Field, who will be styling it.

"I love the concept of Hukkster online, as a service to people," Field told us of her decision to get involved. Though she doesn't really use apps, aside from checking her stocks on her iPhone, and only really shops online for "books and household products." We also asked her if she thinks Carrie Bradshaw would use Hukkster, because why not? "Of course. Carrie is always on her computer, and she's always shopping, so I imagine it would be a natural thing for her to do." Obviously.

The event will take place Monday, September 9 at 9:30am, 12:30pm, and 2:30pm. Watch our exclusive video below, in which the Hukkster founders and Field explain a little more.

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