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Rachel Comey Says 'F*ck It All' to Fashion Shows

Rachel Comey scrapped her fashion show this year. Instead, she presented her spring/summer 2014 collection to a small group of friends, editors, artists, and celebrities during an intimate dinner party held at the Pioneer Works Center for Arts & Innovation all the way out in Red Hook, Brooklyn. "I just wanted to create an experience that was meaningful for me and my crew," Comey told us. "There's so much that gets drilled into you with a runway show, you have to do things a certain way, and I just wanted to fuck it all and do what I wanted to do."

And we're so glad she did. The evening--which began with cocktails in Pioneer Works's garden, and was followed by a three course meal prepared by Julia Ziegler-Haynes of The Dinner Bell (a supper club), punctuated by performances by the inimitable Justin Vivien Bond--provided the perfect context for Comey's easy, sexy, and above all, cool, clothes. Models swanned by tables between courses holding numbered cards corresponding to their looks. So between bites and sips and conversation, you looked up and saw a beautiful girl walking past wearing a cute outfit and you might lean over and whisper to your neighbor, 'That dress is sooo cute! I want it!' Just like one might do at any dinner party or wedding. This played out a few times between me and Susie Bubble's Susie Lau, who was smitten with the ostrich feather parachute top and a pair of cropped wide leg denim palazzo pants.

"I like the idea of the model being out for a little longer, so you can take it in, consider it as if you were a customer, as opposed to the runway structure," Comey said. "That's what I do anyway--clothes for real people. So I felt putting all those elements together would help."

Her real people clothes this season had a sexier feel. Off-the-shoulder mini dresses, lace jumpsuits, and slouchy spaghetti strap velvet dresses closed out a show that began with more casual (read: lots of denim) and roomier looks. "I tried to make some sexy clothes," Comey said. "The sexiness I'm interested in is the kind that's very easy, just a little unbuttoned, not obvious. It's a velvet dress that you just pull on."

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As for whether Comey will forgo the rat race again next season, she says she'd like to. "I'd love to do this again," she said. We hope she does.

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