The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week

And the fashion train rolls on! From Constructivism at Fendi to Communist activisim-cum-Britney Spears feminism at Prada, the energy in the air on the second day of Milan Fashion Week fairly crackled and popped.

And the fashion train rolls on! From Constructivism at Fendi to Communist activisim-cum-

Fendi Designers: Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi

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  • "Other-worldly." [

    Prada Designer: Miuccia Prada

    • "Prada brought a dose of hipness to Milan Fashion Week on Thursday with a collection that mixed prints inspired by street art murals with a sporty style." [AFP]
    • "Originally renown as a minimalist designer, Prada went to town in this avant-garde collection full of glitter and glam." [AP]
    • "The collection was a walking update on a sort of pop-art inspired, political-art themed show, with playful ornamentation that worked on one level as think-piece on women and politics--and a larger commentary about women and what they actually want to wear." [The Daily Beast]
    • "This was an orgy of colour, embellishment, sportswear, streetwear, glamour, elegance and cool." [ELLEuk.com]
    • "Stood as a repudiation of milquetoast fashion." [FT.com]
    • "Instead of the ugly aesthetic for which she is famed, these clothes were weirdly beautiful." [

      International Herald Tribune]

    • "This was one of those seminal Prada shows that people will look back upon as a point when fashion went in a new direction. One where dynamic color, artistic ingenuity, and the force of a buzzing metropolis combined, to make one hell of a fashion moment." [NOWFASHION]
    • "A slap in the face, Cher style. It put across a strong physical attitude, not merely a tough-girl snarl." [On The Runway/The New York Times]
    • "This collection was about women, but it was also about art — the two things Prada clearly cares about the most." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
    • "The contrast with Prada's men's show in June couldn't have been more striking. Miuccia made her males essentially passive participants in a dreamy, erotic reverie. Today, her women were ready to kick ass and rule." [Style.com]
    • "Although she wanted to be 'nasty' and 'uncommercial,' she ended up with some of the most beautiful dresses she’s ever made." [Vogue.com]
    • "There are 'good Pradas' and 'better Pradas' and this one was a hit--so good, in fact, that '100% amazingness' was all we could come up with for Instagram immediately afterwards." [Vogue.com UK]
    • "In an explosion of guts and sartorial glory, Miuccia Prada celebrated a new-age power woman who wears her audacity and feminine strength more as beacon than armor." [WWD]