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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 2 of New York Fashion Week

Let loose! Report Card concludes that was the meme for the second day of New York Fashion Week, where at the three most buzzed about shows--Peter Som, Jason Wu, and Rag & Bone--three masters of prim and proper decided to go with the flow.
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Let loose! Report Card concludes that was the meme for the second day of New York Fashion Week, where at the three most buzzed about shows--Peter Som, Jason Wu, and Rag & Bone--three masters of prim and proper decided to go with the flow.

Jason Wu Designer: Jason Wu

  • "Designer Jason Wu, who shot to stardom after dressing Michelle Obama for two inaugural balls, unveiled a light, fluid spring collection with the occasional sparkle." [AFP]
  • "Calm, cool and collected. A continuation of the lingerie inspiration Wu has played with for a few seasons now, but in a much more soft, sporty and wearable iteration than we've seen before." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • "Wu crafted spring styles that emphasized ease." [AP]
  • "Jason Wu struck a balance between tightly tailored separates and slouchy yet luxurious pieces." [The Cut/New York Magazine]
  • "A feminine yet easy collection." [The Daily Beast]
  • "Hello, Jason Wu. We do believe you’ve made it." []
  • "With its side-laced pencil skirts and blousons in anemic khaki, Jason Wu’s show on Friday seemed less 'A Dialogue Between Construction and Ease,' as it was called, than a cross between Tom Ford in his slinky safari Gucci days and BCBG. Wearable the clothes were, but also conventional." [The New York Times]
  • "This was a collection that didn’t sizzle with sex appeal. Rather the heat of the sheer safari shirts with well placed pockets, the bustier tops in shining fabrics and a ruffled pullover burned with a more measured heat." [NOWFASHION]
  • "Ladies, it's time to relax. Jason Wu loosened up for Spring 2014, juxtaposing lingerie-inspired pieces and body-conscious, bias-cut gowns with cool-girl jumpsuits and safari vests that were distinctly on the slouchy side." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "All around, it was that sense of quiet effortlessness—of not trying so hard to be sexy—that made this collection seductive." []
  • "'I wanted to let the body speak for itself,' Wu said backstage, 'let the fabric do the magic.' In doing so, he created something special." []
  • "The Nineties might be renowned for its grunge sensibility, but in the hands of Jason Wu--a designer who has quickly and succinctly risen through the ranks of American fashion since dressing Michelle Obama--it gets glossy." [ UK]
  • "After two seasons of overt power-woman audacity (including a soupcon of Helmut Newton), he was wise to let the air in and the seams out." [WWD]

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Peter Som Designer: Peter Som

  • "American designer Peter Som, who has also been worn by Obama and a host of other celebrities--he says one of his favorites is Scarlett Johansson--took viewers to the beach with his spring-summer 2014 collection." [AFP]
  • "Even a nonsurfer ("I'm way too accident prone," the designer said) can play with this perennial fashion look. But Som gave it his own spin, adding a boy-meets-girl edge with unfinished hems on tweed jackets, sassy bra tops, and pointy flat shoes customized by Christian Louboutin." [All The Rage/

    Los Angeles Times]

  • The juxtaposition of seemingly opposite themes — a slouchy shirt with a feminine eyelet back worn with a tweed skirt — is what makes fashion interesting." [AP]
  • "Felt perfectly of-the-moment." []
  • "What you want from Mr. Som isn’t better editing, though that would help, but a real enthusiasm for a specific design. Only one dress clearly had that: a black and white striped, draped-front dress with short sleeves. It was a winner." [The New York Times]
  • "Life’s a beach and the world is still Som’s oyster." [NOWFASHION]
  • "Surf's up downtown." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "The surfer meets urban chic allure is pretty and polished but also natural." [Milk Made]
  • "Peter Som has really loosened up. That's been a work in progress for a few seasons now, but this was the show where you really felt like a threshold had been crossed, and that Som was no longer suppressing an instinct for fussiness, but rather had let go of the fussiness altogether." []
  • "Add a floral print—anemone-like and in two colors—and a cropped top or two, and what we got today from Peter Som was a collection that can sell as well as she surfs." []
  • "Boy meets girl at Peter Som in a sweet paper doll dress paired with leopard Oxfords." []
  • "The athletic beach bum thing has been in the air for the last few spring seasons, so Som’s Neoprene and sweatshirt shapes didn’t feel particularly new, but they were done well and looked retail-ready." [WWD]

Rag & Bone Designers: David Neville and Marcus Wainwright

  • "Rag & Bone’s spring 2014 collection continued the crop top trend, rendered in white, lavender, and black and paired with clean-cut blazers, floaty skirts, and the occasional sheer top." [The Cut/

    New York Magazine]

  • "The Rag & Bone designers turned away from the brand’s ‘English heritage goes downtown’ roots with their latest collection, fusing 1990s minimalism with upbeat hints of Girl Guide sportiness. This was a case of Clueless meets Moonrise Kingdom, with all the winning, wearable ideas that suggests." []
  • "Any top seeded female tennis player searching for a new look (Hello Serena, Victoria and Maria!) might want to take a meeting with the Rag & Bone designers Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright once the US Open ends on September 9th." [NOWFASHION]
  • "Marcus Wainwright and David Neville stripped down Rag & Bone to the essentials. With nary a print in sight, the collection combined athletic influences like judo pants and mesh inserts with a distinct '90s vibe in net-covered slip dresses." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "David Neville and Marcus Wainwright sent the ur-Rag & Bone collection down the runway last season. Surely there could be nothing Rag & Bonier than that aggregation of military workwear references, classic English tailoring, and experimentation with technical materials. And so, as Wainwright acknowledged today, the only thing to do this time out was to evolve the brand into a new set of references." []
  • "Had such a cool, no-nonsense confidence in its mild cross-referencing of sportswear, Japanese conceptualism, and the romantic, flower-sprigged dresses of grunge." []
  • "We’re used to seeing the tomboy side of life from British design duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag & Bone, but today they decided to go a bit girly on us." [ UK]
  • "The designers proved they can veer from the English tailoring and men’s wear-inspired look that’s the cornerstone of the line, without going out of bounds." [WWD]