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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 5 of London Fashion Week

And that's a wrap, folks! On the last day of London Fashion Week, critics were giving props to designers for doing what they do best--whether that's
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And that's a wrap, folks! On the last day of London Fashion Week, critics were giving props to designers for doing what they do best--whether that's gothy femininity at Meadham Kirchhoff, athletic minimalism at Thomas Tait, or Simone Rocha's mashup of bourgeois and punk signifiers.

Simone Rocha Designer: Simone Rocha

  • "A collection of all-white outfits, sheer cut-out panels, neons and leather that mixed schoolgirl innocence with cool attitude." [AP]
  • "Elegantly refined." [The Daily Beast]
  • "She invited us to a beautifully polished punk wedding, the guests sporting bunched mohicans and clompy sandals." []
  • "Kicking off London Fashion Week's final day, Simon Rocha's SS14 collection offered up yet another convincing argument for the validity of this city's reputation as the crucible of fashion creativity." [Grazia Daily]
  • "The Simone Rocha show on the closing day of London Fashion Week was a fine example of that meld of strong spirit coupled with high quality from the family atelier." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Worth paying attention to next spring." [The New York Times]
  • "If pearls as an embellishment seem too delicate for your taste, Simone Rocha's studded Spring 2014 collection may have you thinking again." [POPSUGAR Fashion]
  • "Simone Rocha may have sent her models down the runway with faux hawks, but many of the looks they wore would be as at home on Fifth Avenue as in Alphabet City." [Speakeasy/

    The Wall Street Journal]

  • "Simply put, this collection felt like the end of innocence. There was a poetic depth to these looks, and an edge of menace. Not to mention a sense of sexual authority." []
  • "Somehow, she always manages to undercut the sweetness of dirndl-dresses she likes, and make hand-craftiness (lace, broderie anglaise, and crochet) marry up with plastic, spongy synthetics and leather." []
  • "Simone Rocha has a knack for tapping into the zeitgeist. She did it last season with all that pretty pink, and this time, she got the measure of spring's monochrome moment." [ UK]
  • "Simone Rocha made excellent work of her Irish roots, drawing on the west of the island-- Connemara--its Catholic traditions and seaside landscape for collection of beautiful melancholy." [WWD]

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Meadham Kirchhoff Designers: Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff

  • "A typically theatrical collection that mashed up Victorian lace, beautifully tailored blazers, whimsical apron dresses and lots of quirky accessories." [AP]
  • "Meadham Kirchhoff were once again channeling their sexy brand of Victoriana with knee-high socks and stockings, gaudy reds, blues, and yellows; and, at the other end of the spectrum." [The Daily Beast]
  • "Today, they realised their uncompromising vision, offering up a collection that was a triumph of the imagination." []
  • "Today’s show was as cinematic and emotive as usual and a complete antithesis to the frou frou-ish frivolity or athletic minimalism the LFW schedule had presented up until to now." [Grazia Daily]
  • "Benjamin Kirchhoff and Edward Meadham know how to create a narrative through dramatic presentation, indeed theirs are highly anticipated by those who appreciate somewhat off-colour alternatives." [The Independent]
  • "The Meadham Kirchhoff designers get a little kitschy with their Europa fairy tale, but they make gingham and white eyelet skirts look tempting. Their jackets are handsome, too." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Grim fairytales and occult overtones took over the Meadham Kirchhoff catwalk this season, throning the designers, yet again, as London's very own l'enfant terrible." [NOWFASHION]
  • "If you could looked past the fire orange hair and theatrics (half the fun!) at Meadham Kirchhoff, you would find some very feminine designs." [Speakeasy/

    The Wall Street Journal]

  • "Whatever menace was being conjured here by Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, it couldn't disguise the glee in this collection." []
  • "At the end of a grueling, drenched, traffic-ridden London season, the city needed a sublime, compensatory closure. Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff provided exactly that magic in a show which gathered foot-weary, sleep-deprived editors and buyers—and a buoyant, dressed-to-the-nines East End crowd of the label’s young, dressed-to-the-nines East End friends." []
  • "Taken apart, these are clothes that not only their diehard inner circle will want in their wardrobes (whatever this duo put out – they wear it), but also, achingly desirable enough that many women the world over will want to own, and we have missed that from these boys. Bravo." [ UK]
  • "Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff’s shows often have an eerie, theatrical air about them, whether a whiff of 'The Turn of the Screw,' a nod to 'The Addams Family' or the odd historical reference. This season’s show, with its miles of lace and ruffles and models with long baloney curls and wide-brimmed black hats, was no exception. [WWD]"

Thomas Tait Designer: Thomas Tait

  • "Mr. Tait has a clean, sleek way with minimalism." [International Herald Tribune]
  • "Thomas Tait ... did a lot with a little. He used white leather, superfine knits, some feathers and athletic nylon, and created an elegant, thoroughly unpretentious collection." [The New York Times]
  • "From the snowy white carpet upon which the models glided, to the white interiors of a stately room near Grosvenor Place, the Thomas Tait show felt like a tabula rasa on the last day of London Fashion Week." [NOWFASHION]
  • "It was interesting to observe the ways Tait absorbed his recent obsessions with sport and performance into pretty, and indeed rather ladylike, clothes." []
  • "The idea of treating archetypal sporty shapes with a luxe hand isn’t anything new, but the secret sauce here was in how those silhouettes were reconfigured." []
  • "In what has to be his most feminine and overtly beautiful collection yet, Thomas Tait turned soft on us this morning for a collection that very precisely combined his knack for slick execution and utilitarian design with pretty and considered detailing." [ UK]
  • "Tait is building a unique fashion vocabulary, and could be London's next breakthrough talent." [WWD]