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The 8 Best Fashion Statements Cooked Up on Breaking Bad

The series finale of AMC's Breaking Bad airs Sunday night, and I'm approaching it with a mixture of anticipation, dread, and relief. For five seasons this show has been grossing us out, confronting us with concepts of good vs. evil, teaching us a lot about meth (not to mention how to dissolve a dead person with acid), and entertaining us with some very intense fashion moments.
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The series finale of

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Jesse Pinkman's Ed Hardy Moments:

Jesse fancies himself a gangsta in the early seasons, and gravitates towards baggy pants, beanies, and oversized Ed Hardy-esque jackets and shirts. It's a look he never quite loses, even after he gets beat up a hundred times, tries to get out of the business, and watches everyone he loves get killed. We think the ridiculous 'fits create some much-needed comic relief.

Yeah, bitch.

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Walter White's Heisenberg Hat:

Like the anti-superhero, Walter White dons this ridiculous porkpie hat every time he morphs into the evil Heisenberg. We saw him wear it in the penultimate episode as he tromped into town through miles of snow. Will he die in that hat?

AHHHH, what is going to happen to Walter White??

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Saul Goodman's Shirt/Tie Combos:

I could not be happier that Saul is

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Skyler White's Frumpy Sweaters:


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Marie's Purple Passion:

I have tried mightily to figure out why Marie loves purple so much, but I gave up after season two and just enjoyed trying to spot all the purple things Marie and Hank have in their house. Like a toaster! She's been wearing the color less in season five, probably because she's experienced such epic changes in her life. Or she realized that purple is just really ugly. (Sorry, it's not my favorite.)

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Hazmat Chic:

Walt is very concerned about safety and cleanliness while cooking meth and cleaning up the remains of dead people. Much like his drug kingpin skills, the hazmat suits got more and more elaborate as the seasons progressed.

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Walter's Pantslessness:

But before the hazmat suits go on, the pants come off. It's hard to forget those moments when Walter gets down to business--and down to his tighty whities. This occurred most memorably in the pilot episode when White permanently lost a pair of his khakis (which

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Hank's Slightly Tight Shirts:

Poor Hank! Hank loves a good short-sleeved Hawaiian or guayabera shirt, but due to his heft, they're always just a little too tight on him.

Poor, poor Hank.