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The Ultimate Fall 2013 Nail Polish Guide

You are not going to be disappointed.

Summer is just about over. Sad, yes, but there's a glossy, sparkly, silver lining: The new fall nail polish collections are here! And you are not going to be disappointed.

Essie For the Twill Of It

Vibe: Moody and metallic, inspired by classic fall fabrics and garments. The palette is brightened up by red and fuchsia polishes.

Colors: For the Twill of It, Twin Sweater Set, Vested Interest, After School Boy Blazer,The Lace Is On, Cashmere Bathrobe

Buy It: Available

Butter London Rock Your Colour

Vibe: As the name suggests, it's all about the music for Butter London's fall collection. Colors were inspired by the colored mascaras and eye liners in Butter London's first-ever color cosmetics collection. We've all heard of matching lips and tips, but now your eyes can match, too.

Colors: Brown Sugar, Inky Six, Pistol Pink, Indigo Punk, Jaded Jack, Black Jack

Get It: Available

OPI San Francisco

Vibe: OPI is staying in the US for their fall collection, this time hitting up the West Coast. The colors were inspired by the sea, sky, and famous San Francisco 'hoods and sights, like Chinatown, the Embarcadero, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Colors: A-Piers To Be Tan, Dining Al Fresco, Haven't the Foggiest, Peace & Love & OPI, Keeping Suzi at Bay, Incognito in Sausalito, Lost on Lombard, I Knead Sour, Muir Muir on the Wall, In the Cable Car, Embrca Dare Ya, First Date at the Golden Gate, It's All San Andreas' Fault, Wharf!Wharf!Wharf!, Alcatraz...Rocks

Buy It: Available

Tom Ford

Vibe: Smoooooooooth and sexy. Duh. It's Tom Ford.

Colors: Black Sugar, Show Me the Pink (This name is filthy, Tom. Seriously.)

Buy It: Available September.


Vibe: Classic, sophisticated, and covetable, which is what NARS brings to the table every single season.

Colors: Galathee, Fury

Buy It: Available

Chanel Superstition

Vibe: This collection was inspired by Coco Chanel's many superstitions and lucky charms. I'm not sure what they were or how they relate to the colors--but I need them on my nails asap.

Colors: Mysterious, Elixir, Alchimie

Buy It: Available

Sally Hansen Designer Collections

Vibe: Sally Hansen created collections for Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, and Tracy Reese's fall runway shows. And now they are finally here. I have been DYING to get my hands on the rose gold ever since I laid eyes on the beautiful metallic French tips at the Rodarte show.

Colors: Prabal Gurung: Night Watch, Coat of Arms, Loden Green; Rodarte: Stocking Nude, Gold Roses, Platinum Star; Tracy Reese (below): Perfectly Poppy, Malbec, New Wave Blue

Buy It: Available September, $7.99.

Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist

Vibe: Jewels are a theme this season, and Deborah Lippmann has you covered with big, sparkly glitter, deep cream colors, and subtle golds.

Colors: Fake It Til You Make It, Glitter and Be Gay, Laughin' to the Bank, Shake Your Money Maker, Rollin' in the Deep, Va Va Voom

Buy It: No need for a jewel heist. Available


Vibe: This collection was also inspired by jewels, though it looks decidedly different from Deborah Lippman's--it's much more subtle. RGB founder Gina Carney is predicting a move away from nail art. "The pendulum, as it does in fashion, has swung in a sophisticated direction." It's a classic fall collection, full of jewel tones and deep brights. "Garnet" (in addition to being my birthstone) may be my favorite shade of all the colors on offer this fall.

Colors: Garnet, Peacock, Violet, Dusk, Gilt, Nightfall

Buy It: Available September.

Jin Soon x Tibi

Vibe: JinSoon's fall collection is a collaboration with Tibi and it's loosely based on minerals. The colors are gorgeous deep, shimmery jewel tones and two sophisticated metallics. Also, give her new Matte Maker top coat a try. It made me a convert to matte finishes.

Colors: Jasper, Mica, Obsidian, Azurite, Epidote

Buy It: Available

Rococo Lady of the Manor

Vibe: The collection was inspired by ladylike fashion with a color palette that pays homage to the 40s and 50s.

Colors: Lady of the Manor, Thompson Blue, Pony Club, Social Butterfly

Buy It: Available

YSL Fall 2013

Vibe: A palette cleanser and the height of sophistication. (And possibly a grungey nod to Saint Laurent's fall collection?)

Colors: Gris Underground, Beige Gallery, Sepia 7e Art

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Buy It: Available

Ruffian's First-Ever Collection

Vibe: Ruffian always features some of the craziest nail art on the runways, and its "Ruffian Red" is a classic. This is the brand's first ever stand-alone polish collection (they've done collabs with MAC in the past), and they crowd sourced three colors which were chosen for the launch and are based on the upcoming Spring 2014 collection. The other three make up the "Classic" collection.

Colors: Delirium, Fox Hunt, Hedge Fund, Ciré Noir, Ruffian Naked, Ruffian Red

Buy It: Available starting in September during fashion week at

Zoya Cashmere and Satin Collections

Vibe: Like Essie's, these collections celebrate the fabrics of fall. As usual, Zoya released two collections, one cream and one more shimmery.

Colors: Cashmere (top): Sailor, Livingston, Louise, Flynn, Hunter, Pepper; Satin (bottom): Channing, Claudine, Mason, Neve, Maria-Louisa, Giovanna

Buy It: Available

China Glaze Autumn Nights

Vibe: This collection encourages you to have a drink or two with your girlfriends. Sounds good to me. *clink*

Colors: Gossip Over Gimlets, Goldie But Goodie, Strike Up a Cosmo, Rendezvous With You, Queen B, Charmed I'm Sure, Public Relations, Kiss My Glass, Tongue & Chic, Scandalous Shenanigans, Don't Make Me Wine, Red-Y and Willing

Buy It: Available September.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Blogger 2.0

Vibe: This is the second collection (the first one was in 2009) that Rescue's founder, Ji Baek, has done in collaboration with bloggers. You can figure out who the bloggers are based on the polish names.

Colors: Accidental Interloper, Fashion Polish, Kellie Gonzo, Liberty, Scrangie

Buy It: Available

Estee Lauder

Vibe: It's all about metallic nail polish this fall, and Esteé Lauder fully committed.

Colors: Midnight Metal, Rose Gold, Smoked Chrome, Steel Orchid, Brushed Gold, Chocolate Foil, Chrome Violet, Metallic Green

Buy It: Available

Dior Mystic Metallics

Vibe: Hey look, more metallics! These are a lovely shade of pinky purple, based on the cosmos. (Check out the amazing

Illamasqua Sacred Hours

Vibe: Illamasqua is a master of the creepy-cool concept, and this season is no exception.

Colors: Hemlock, Facet

Buy It: Available

CND Vinylux Forbidden

Vibe: These polishes are meant to mimic CND's famed Shellac line but without the hassle of gel. They last for a solid week without chipping. Yes there are few metallics, but I'm also loving the deep moody colors.

Colors: Night Glimmer, Steel Gaze, Tinted Love, Blue Rapture, Burnt Romance, Dark Dahlia

Buy It: Available September.

Nails Inc Foil, Modern Art, Galaxy

Vibe: It's all about the effects this season at Nails Inc. The brand tackles Jackson Pollack in its Modern Art collection, does pearl and crushed foil in its Galaxy collection, and goes for super shiny metallics in the Foil collection.

Colors: Modern Art: Bankside, Millbank, St.Martin's Place, Cromwell Road; Galaxy: Westminster Bridge Road, Trafalgar Crescent, Knightsbridge Road, Buckingham Court; Foil: Chelsea Bridge Road, South Kensington, Kings Road

Buy It: Available

Color Club Girl About Town

Vibe: All of the colors were inspired by up-and-coming neighborhoods in cities all over the US.

Colors: Silver Lake, Williamsburg, East Austin, The Uptown, Wicker Park, Pearl District

Buy It: Available

Mundial Impala Celebrate

Vibe: This Brazilian line just recently launched in the US, and our early prediction is that you're going to be seeing these polishes everywhere so start brushing up on your Portuguese. They only cost $4.99, are quick drying, and I love the distinctive bottles.

Colors: Ame Muito, Brinde Comigo, Consquiste Sempre, Dance Mais

Buy It: Available

Orly Surreal Collection

Vibe: This delightful wacky-named, weirdly glittery pastel collection is not very fall-like, but maybe you'll be sick of dark blue and moody metallics by October.

Colors: Pink Waterfall, Pixie Powder, Angel Rain, Purple Poodle, Teal Unreal, Digital Glitter

Buy It: Available here, $8.