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Top Models Reveal Their Best #Selfie Tips

This season it's all about the #selfie. And no one is better at the medium than those genetic lottery winners, models. Not only are they young (and therefore spending a lot of time on social media), but they're also exceptionally photogenic and know a thing or two about lighting and angles. A bunch of the best models on the planet--Karen Elson, Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and tons more--graciously gave us their best selfie tips, along with a selfie of course.
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Edie Campbell:

"I don’t take selfies. That’s like a level of narcissism I haven’t reached yet."

[Pseudo-selfie by Cheryl]

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Meghan Collison (@omgitsmeg):

"Find a place with good lighting. Usually daylight is more flattering than harsh overhead lights. And make a silly face!"