The legal battle between Rihanna and retail giant Topshop rages on, and the law is firmly on Team RiRi.

Back in July, the singer won the year-long lawsuit she slapped the British chain with, after it sold a tank top emblazoned with her likeness without her permission. The photo in question was taken by a freelance photographer on the set of her 2011 music video for "We Found Love," and although Topshop purchased rights to the image, the court ruled in favor of Rihanna, saying that her fans were led to believe that she personally endorsed the product.

According to The Telegraph, the judge at a hearing yesterday granted Rihanna a permanent injunction from Topshop, meaning that the chain will never be allowed to use her image again without consent. That's clearly not enough for her, though: She and her legal team are seeking $1.4 million in fees. Topshop has orders to pay Rihanna $320,000 in the interim, but if they decide not to appeal, they're going to need to sell a lot of t-shirts to come up with that kind of cash.

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