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A Bra That Tweets When Unhooked, and Other Bizarre Wearable Tech

Yep, that's a thing. So is a pair of panties that conceals the smell of your farts.
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Wearable tech is a hot topic these days, as it's gone far beyond the Walkman and new gadgets are being thought up and produced every day.

The biggest buzz has been around technology worn either near the eyes (Google Glass) or the wrist (FitBit, iWatch)--both models that the public have generally shown interest in, as they often have useful functions like giving you directions and tracking your fitness activities (though we're still on the fence about actually wearing Google Glass).

Some actually seem useful, like Memi, a bracelet (it's all about the wrist!) that vibrates when someone important calls or texts you (so you don't have to have your phone out all the time); and LUMOback, a gadget that corrects your posture. However, they could also be the kinds of things we buy and use a few times and then totally forget about.

There are already several smart watches on or soon-to-be-on the market, so it's safe to say that concept has a future. However, we're not sure the same can be said for, say, a bra that automatically sends out a Tweet when it gets unhooked. Yep, that's a thing. So is a pair of panties that conceals the smell of your farts.

Click through to learn a little bit more about those and some other bizarre—perhaps pointless—wearable tech that's out there.

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Tweeting Bra The Tweeting Bra automatically sends a tweet when it comes unhooked--no, it's not to let people know when you've gotten lucky, or are naked. In fact the Nestle-sponsored device is apparently meant to promote breast cancer awareness, and the tweet is to remind your followers to get breast exams.

Shreddies Shreddies are actually not a type of cereal, but rather a line of underwear for men and women that filters the smell of farts with a "carbon back panel" so people around you can't smell it.

Stealth Wear A few designers have been trying their hand at "stealth wear," garments that shield you from surveillance technology. Adam Harvey designs "anti-drone" garments made of fabric that protects against thermal imaging surveillance.

Flashwear According to a press release, this is the "WORLDS FIRST WEARABLE FLASHING NEON SIGN."

Intimacy Intimacy is line of garments made of fabrics that "become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people." I.e. it gets see-through when you're turned on.

Smart PJs These interactive pajamas for kids feature dots that act as QR codes which smartphone-wielding parents can scan to unlock fun stories to read to their kids.