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A Reality Show About Personal Shoppers For Super Rich People Coming to Lifetime

Real quote: “Helen Keller could have picked a better gown."

Joining the already-packed fashion reality TV landscape, another show is debuting this month and it's covering an unexplored niche in the industry: personal shopping.

According to WWD, Million Dollar Shoppers will premiere on Lifetime on October 10 at 10:30pm, right after Project Runway. Seeing that Lifetime is also the home of the sure-to-be-fabulous House of Versace, this looks to be another effort by the cable network to battle up against Bravo for fashion reality TV supremacy.

Here's the gist of the show: High-end personal shoppers will work with "ultra-demanding and wealthy clients" on the hunt for either a wardrobe makeover moment or an outfit (or outfits) for some sort of "high-profile event." Since this is Lifetime and not Bravo, there's sadly no point in hoping for a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crossover with Lisa Vanderpump verbally bitch-slapping her personal shopper, but that doesn't mean we're not in for some serious drama. WWD gives us a snippet of an unscripted one-liner:

“Helen Keller could have picked a better gown,” snaps one unsatisfied and not-so-PC client.

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And in the star/personal shopper line-up:

Barbet Smith, a hockey mom from Long Island who mostly dresses her “friends”; thirtysomething couple Gregg Asher and Tayler Carson Sandvick, who met at the Christian Dior grand opening party and went into business together, serving clients in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas; Amy Salinger, who calls herself “The Garment Whisperer” and previously did makeovers on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Derek Roche, who hails from North Carolina and is now a celebrity stylist whose clients include Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Kobe Bryant and Jason Derulo.

The Lifetime show will also feature scenes shot at shopping destinations Scoop and Bergdorf Goodman, and while there's no word on which fashion designers will make cameos, but we're pretty sure that Donatella Versace won't be one of them.

What we're wondering is: Is there room in the market for yet another fashion reality show? With the void left by The Rachel Zoe Project (RIP) there's a slot open, and the personal shopping niche hasn't been touched on yet. Plus, the opportunity for crazy drama is high. But with a glut of style-related shows—stylists (It's a Brad, Brad World), designer competitions (Project Runway, Rihanna's upcoming Styled to Rock), consignment shops (Dukes of Melrose, Fashion Hunters), and model contests (The Face, America's Next Top Model)—the market could have reached its saturation point. Something to think about, or program onto your DVR...