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Alexa Chung Is Always Bored--Possibly by You--and More From Her Flare Cover Story

From perpetual boredom to her favorite Friends characters, here's what we learned about Miss Chung.

As far as "It" girls go, Alexa Chung has proven to have serious staying power. Seemingly everything she touches turns to gold—her Madewell collaboration, the Mulberry handbags that bear her name—and we're betting that the same will go for her new book, aptly called It, which is out on October 29. While Chung may act like becoming a first-time author is NBD, she's on one hell of a promotional tour, booking October covers for Nylon and Vogue UK, as well as a huge November cover feature in Flare.

From perpetual boredom to her favorite Friends characters, here's what we learned about Miss Chung in the story.

That whole "you bore me" thing she has going on? Well, it's because you bore her. “I’m someone who is naturally predisposed to boredom,” she told the Canadian glossy. “That’s why I have so many jobs.” She also isn't fond of introverts—“Boring. Speak up or forever hold your peace.”—in case you ever find yourself in a social situation with her.

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She still doesn't consider herself a style icon. Although the Topshop dress she wore to her Flare shoot sold out as soon as she was photographed in it, Chung asserts that when she pulls on a particular piece in the morning, she's "really just wearing a dress.” She told the mag, “I’m definitely someone who is inextricably linked to how fast fashion moves and that desire to be wearing the latest thing,” but that doesn't mean she's happy about it.

She feels pressured to keep churning out collaborations. When asked about what partnerships she might have in the works, Chung replied, “People ask me that all the time and it adds to the pressure of me feeling like I constantly have to be doing something.

Her personal interests include both Friends and taxidermy. “I quite like a little taxidermy. Do you remember in Friends when they have sex in the museum? I fancied Ross the most; I hated Joey. he wasn’t hot enough for how many hot jokes they made about him.”

For more, read the full cover story over at Flare.