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Business Woman Who Revived Diane von Furstenberg to Leave the Company

After a fruitful 14 years, Diane von Furstenberg president Paula Sutter has resigned from the company she helped revive in the late '90s.
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After a fruitful 14 years, Diane von Furstenberg president Paula Sutter has resigned from the company, reports WWD. She'll leave at the end of 2013.

And while splits like these are almost always positioned to look like they were done on good terms, we're inclined to believe this one really was--especially given what Sutton has accomplished with von Furstenberg over the years.

“Paula has played a key role in the second life of DVF,” von Furstenberg told WWD. “We have had a great ride together, and I am grateful for all that she has done to bring us to where we are today.”

This includes reviving the brand after it lost quite a bit of its cachet in the '80s and '90s, following the early success of von Furstenberg's wrap dresses. During that time, von Furstenberg moved to Paris and embarked on a successful home shopping business. Then, in the late '90s, she relaunched her namesake business with Sutton's help, introducing her iconic wrap dresses to a new generation of stylish ladies.

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Today, thanks in large part to Sutter, it's a full-on international lifestyle brand with fine jewelry, a home collection, a GapKids collaboration, Google Glass partnerships, and more. And von Furstenberg has become one of the most powerful women in the world, to boot.

Of course, the DVF brand has far from reached its peak. It's believed that von Furstenberg (like Marc Jacobs) could be one of the next big American designers to seek an IPO following the success of Michael Kors's. The company recently brought on Joel Horowitz, who helped with Tommy Hilfiger's IPO, as co-chairman to further grow the business. He will take on Sutton's role until a permanent replacement is found. We're sure whoever is chosen will be instrumental in taking DVF to the next level.