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Caravelle New York Is Making Time for New Yorkers

Nothing's cheap in New York City, but you can't put a price on personality. Caravelle New York is a must-have watch that's cheaper than a night at the clubs and won't give you a hangover.
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New York City is home to over 8.3 million people trying to stand out--but being trendy can be exhausting and expensive. (Seriously, have you seen how much a cocktail costs around here?) That's why we're a little bit in love with Bulova's new Caravelle New York line of watches. These babies have the look of luxury without the crazy markup--timeless timepieces designed with the New York frame of mind in mind, if you will.

Caravelle New York's two watch models, a Swarovski crystal lined black and gold version and a tortoise shell in rose and mocha, give your wrist that glam element New Yorkers (or just NYC wannabes--no shame in it!) crave without costing a fortune. Prices range from $60-$135--a whole lot cheaper than a night at the club, and it won't give you a hangover.

Each watch is designed in New York and inspired by a city that is constantly in motion. Black & Gold takes its cue from going to conference rooms to cocktails without missing a beat. Rose & Mocha goes well with a passionate kiss during sunset at Chelsea’s High Line. No matter where you’re located, be part of the big city when you wear Caravelle New York.

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Caravelle New York's watches hit shelves this month.

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