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Eva Chen Talks Social Media Strategy and Lucky's New Hires

Lucky Magazine held the first day of its sixth Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference yesterday and we got a chance to chat with new EIC Eva Chen about her favorite blogs, her own social media strategy, Lucky’s new staffers (including the one she sort of stole from us--no hard feelings :)), and executing her vision for her very first Lucky FABB effort.
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Lucky Magazine held the first day of its sixth Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference yesterday. This year’s gathering, presented by P&G, included a host of Lucky’s independent fashion and beauty blogging army, eager and ready to hear advice from some of the most successful bloggers and executives on how to grow a successful website and social media following.

The panelists included the likes of Bryanboy, Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This…, and Gabi Gregg of GABIFRESH, as well as big-ticket keynote speakers Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth (more on her later.)

This is also Eva Chen's first conference as editor-in-chief of the revamped Lucky magazine. We had some time to chat with Chen (she liked my outfit *squeal*), who gave us the rundown on her favorite blogs, her own social media strategy, Lucky’s new staffers (including the one she sort of stole from us--no hard feelings :)), and executing her vision for her very first Lucky FABB effort.

Fashionista: So, this is your inaugural Lucky FABB conference, as editor-in-chief. How did you want to put your personal stamp on this event? Eva Chen: It was literally my first day on the job, when the Lucky FABB team—and we have a great team producing this event-- came to me saying, “So, Lucky FABB… what do you want to do?” What struck me about the last Lucky FABB, which I attended in April, was that there was really a wonderful sense of community. When you go outside and you watch all the bloggers interact with each other, they really are developing friendships, a sense of community, and relationships that I really hope will sustain them for their career. What I wanted to do for this one was foster a sense of inspiration, and then real education, real service, real tips. So like, the next panel is “What to Post Where and When.” We have someone from Twitter, we have someone from Instagram, tomorrow we have the founder of Polyvore. I really want people to get the practical tips. And that’s one of the questions they’ve been asking every single panelist and every single person: “What do you wish you had known, and what can people do better?” I think it’s easy to plug along and do what you’re doing, but I want to help these bloggers take it to the next level.

This is an event about blogging—what blogs do you read every day? There are a lot of them. I feel like I do follow my favorite personalities through Instagram and Twitter and Facebook already. But as for the blogs I’m reading, I think a lot of people love The New Potato, which is a food blog. I was just [featured] on it, actually. I really got sucked into the wormhole of that blog, it’s great. They have an interview with Graydon Carter, and Adam Rapoport, it’s really fun to be reading those. Of course, there’s Into the Gloss, which I think is everyone’s beauty bible. We all love that site, and it’s not just the articles, but the photos she [Emily Weiss] takes, she’s a really talented photographer. You know Bryan, Leandra. I’ve been following a lot of Instagrams of international folks. I might not be able to understand what they’re writing on their blogs, but I love looking at the pictures. There’s an editor named Leaf Greener, she’s a Chinese editor [at ELLE China]. There’s a blogger named Peony Lim, based out of London, I like looking at her pictures. There's Anya Ziourova. She’s Russian, she used to be a stylist, she’s so so chic. Also Miroslava Duma. All those Russian girls? They know how to dress!

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You’re known for your social media presence. How much thought goes into that? Is it organic, or do you plan it out? I would say it’s a combination of spontaneity and thoughtfulness. To me, I really look at it as part of my natural day. It’s something I really enjoy doing. I like seeing all the tweets streaming in, and what people are saying. At the same time, I’m very conscious--and I hope that bloggers take this message to heart. I’m very conscious about the message I put out there as well. I know that people follow me because they want to look into the New York City lifestyle or editor lifestyle, or a beauty obsessor’s lifestyle. I want to make sure I’m giving people what they like. So, it’s a little bit of both I guess, but really it’s so much fun, and I feel really, well, not to make a terrible Lucky pun, but, I feel very incredibly lucky to be living in New York City, to be an editor at a magazine I love so much, to be able to show people what I see. Imagine when you’re 20 years old, in college, and you might be at college in Wisconsin, in Texas, in Minnesota, and your dream is to move to New York City and work at a magazine. I didn’t have that when I was growing up, and I am very conscious of the fact that we’re giving people a glimpse. Of course it’s an idealized view, but it’s nice to be able to share that.

You guys announced the addition of some new staffers recently. Tell us a little about that. On Monday, we announced the addition of Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele to our team as fashion editor-at-large, which we’re just so incredibly excited by. It’s funny, when I was in Paris and Milan, you go to the most esteemed fashion houses, and you could mention her name and you would see very senior people turning into fangirls and fanboys over Carlyne! To me, Carlyne Cerf really invented high/low; she invented street style; she invented personal style. She can wear a pair of Levi’s and a gray t-shirt, and then four Rolexes and six Chanel bags, and make it look amazing. And she has this saying, that we’ve now borrowed from her--she says “You know what? When it’s good, it’s good!” So she’ll say, “I go The Gap, and I bought six pairs of jeans…when it’s good, it’s good!” She once told us a story, literally, she was at The Gap, and she found a pair of pants that she liked, and she literally bought the entire inventory. And that to me, is quintessential Lucky, and so we’re vey happy to have her as part of the team.

We also added Tamu McPherson, who is a blogger based out of Milan, from All The Pretty Birds. I LOVE her personal style, I love her energy. In every picture of her that you see that Tommy Ton or Scott, or Phil Oh take of her, she’s always got great smile, great mixing, with her, it’s very effortless. I also like what she represents. She’s a mom, she’s formerly a lawyer. She has a really interesting background, she’s just so fantastic, we love her style.

We hired a new creative director, Katia Kuethe, she is fantastic, and I had the privilege of working with her at Teen Vogue. She just is one of those people who are effortlessly cool. It’s funny because the first staff meeting we had with her, I was like “Oh, this is Katia everyone,” and then I said, “Does anyone have any questions?” and someone was like “Yeah, where are your jeans from?” She has amazing style and such a great creative eye. And then [former Fashionista Senior editor] Hayley Phelan, sorry… our bad! She’s our new fashion features editor, and then we have Leigh Belz Ray, who is our deputy editor, and that’s a newly created position. She’s working on text.

It’s taken four months to build this team, and I’ve been doing it gradually and thoughtfully, I hope. Everyone on the team represents Lucky in a different way. And that’s really important, putting it together. We already have a dream team at Lucky, it’s just about adding to it.