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See a Young (Topless) Kate Moss in Newly Unearthed Vintage Herb Ritts Outtakes

"I knew the moment we began shooting that Kate had all the characteristics to become the icon she is today," said the beauty editor who took the pics.

We're suckers for some '90s nostalgia, especially if it involves Kate Moss. Yesterday, online magazine Line unearthed some breathtaking, never-before-seen behind-the-scenes images from a 1994 Vogue shoot starring Moss, Amber Valletta, and Bridget Hall, which were shot by beauty editor Francesca Tolot, who was the makeup artist on set.

In the interview to accompany the photos, Tolot fondly reminisces about her day shooting with photographer Herb Ritts and the iconic models in Anguilla, including the time she spent with the now legendary Moss.

Young Kate was fun, funny, full of life, confident, entertaining, and very professional. She had gorgeous skin and I loved her freckles. I didn’t have to use much makeup! She was like sunshine, and very refreshing to work with. On this particular shoot she was enjoying her freedom on the beach. She was authentic and comfortable with her self. She did not have to impersonate, pose, or overdo anything.

Tolot must have known that Moss was destined for greatness, and we give her serious kudos for holding onto these vintage photos for so long—-and for releasing them to the world now! Head over to Line Magazine to see the rest of the images and for the full interview.

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