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Is Marc Jacobs to Blame for Miley Cyrus's New Image?

Happy Bangerz day, kids!

Today's the day, kids! Miley Cyrus's hotly anticipated (and provocatively publicized) new album, Bangerz, is finally out. Aside from the obvious shift in subject matter from the singer's previous records, one of the most overt changes in the new era of Miley is her radical style transformation.

It started with an edgy haircut and a handful of tattoos, but now the star is one of the most fearless young women in Hollywood when it comes to fashion, working with industry greats like Terry Richardson and Marc Jacobs regularly. In a new interview with Rankin's Hunger magazine, Cyrus credits Jacobs—who recently featured her naked on a t-shirt to promote skin cancer awareness—for her introduction into the world of high fashion.

I work a lot with Marc Jacobs. He kind of brought me into fashion like when I was 16, that was when I started being around him and just learning from him. He kind of let me inspire some of his pieces and now I feel like its just having the right people around you.

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Later in the interview, Cyrus says that the aspect of Jacobs's collections she likes most is that they're both sexy and strong—a perfect combination of ladylike and punk—which is what's drawn her to the designer for so long. Finally, she reconfirms the fact that she tries not to take fashion too seriously, which we could kind of infer from the sexy bear costume she wore to the VMAs.

Read the rest of the interview over at Hunger TV.